PDX Sliders bring big flavor in small packages to MFNW!

What is better than a good ol’ American Burger? The burger’s more fashionable and flavor intensified younger cousin the Slider. While the burger is traditional, and beloved by the cheek pinching grandparents, the slider is the cousin that does not usually show up to family gatherings and when it does everyone under 55 flocks to get a taste of its savory style and miniature mystery.

“Is that a Brioche bun?”

“Yeah, I upgraded after my little collaboration with Harold and Kumar.”

“So successful and so modest!”

The Meaty family eats it up, while the Burger has a few too many fermented cucumbers and makes a scene pleading, “How are y’all turning their backs on a classic!” Everyone hushedly tells the Slider not to take it personally, that the burger doesn’t like being out of the spotlight and gets to competitive. The Slider just smiles, because yes it may be a little flashy, but that’s because it has the flavor to back it up.

PDX Sliders is a Sellwood/SE Portland based food cart that serves craft beef, pork, chicken, and veggie sliders as well as delicious truffle-salted french fries. Their cart will be around all weekend (8/21-8/23) for festival attendees who are interested in intense tastes and supporting the little guy when old traditions are being a little whiney.  

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