The Tall Trees of Portland Art Pavilion at MusicfestNW!

Hellion Gallery and The Tall Trees of Portland author, Matt Wagner, have joined forces with MusicfestNW to create an art pavilion for the annual music festival in Portland August 16-17. Spotlighting artists featured in The Tall Trees of Portland, the pavilion will feature:

  • New pieces from Portland-based artists specifically for the music festival.
  • Artists will create alternative album covers for featured bands. Artists include Morgaine Faye, Blaine Fontana, Zach Johnsen, Maryanna Hoggatt, Jon Macnair, Lauren Gonsalves, Amy Ruppel, Cole Gerst, Jen Lobo, Jennifer Parks, Martin Ontiveros, Brin Levinson, Joe Shea, Keith Carter, Stella Im Hultberg, and Brett Superstar.
  • A live painting event where artists will use a temporary wall to paint a mural over the two days of the festival.
  • And a 3-D installation by AJ Fosik and Zach Johnsen welcoming festival attendees into the arts pavilion!