Enjoy a Mexican Fiesta at this years’ MusicfestNW! Head to the Dr Martens store starting August 21 to pick up a free ticket. A MusicfestNW wristband also gains you entry into this event. Starting at noon on September 7th party with Mariachi El Bronx and the Tiburones outside behind the Dr Martens store, located on 10th and Burnside across from Powell’s Books. Drink, dance, and shop for some new footwear!

Check out Mariachi El Bronx’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert:

Mariachi El Bronx Bio:

Los Angeles based punk band “The Bronx” – aptly named after the left coast borough – has for the last 6 years redefined what punk means, sounds like, and doesn’t look like. After 3 self titled full lengths, countless tours all over the world, more 7 inches and eps then one can count, the band returns with their latest offering, yet another self titled full-length: Mariachi El Bronx

As follows: according to the band…

Mariachi el Bronx was probably conceived in August of 2006 in Los Angeles’ infamous “Downtown Rehearsal.” It all started as a way to flip the Electric goes acoustic performance garbage, because that’s never good. We were invited to play live on television but decided that a cheesy acoustic version of our song was not what we wanted to do. The Original El Bronx line up, or at least as it appeared on TV. featured guest appearances from Zander Schloss ( Wierdos, circle jerks) and Keith Douglas (Mad Caddies). The project triggered something inside all of us that was unexpected. It’s almost impossible to explain, but it felt like discovering a second soul within you. We instantly started writing new songs. The body of this record was written all over the world. As the Bronx played, El Bronx wrote. Inspired by the jungles and beaches of New Zealand, “sleepwalking” was one of the first songs written, along with “my brother the gun.” The music for Quincenera was written under the German summer sun. And so on, and so on. Once we were home the territorial pissings of punk once again worked their way into our lives as we completed writing what was to become Bronx III and Mariachi El Bronx. we discovered that we had more than enough songs for a record, now it was time to cement the sound. Vincent Hidalgo, son of David Hidalgo (los lobos, latin playboys) joined El Bronx in late 2007. Vincent really helped bring everything together. as a unit we poured our heart and soul into every song, musically and lyrically. Jon Avilla (Oingo Boingo) was picked out of a prison line up to produce the record. It was at his studio in the San Gabriel Valley where we put the finishing touches on the record. What had started as an act of rebellion had become something bigger than the sum of its parts. Alfredo Ortiz (beastie boys / money mark) plays percussion and an unnamed string quartet that did us a “solid” but wouldn’t give us their names due to contractual obligations to the television show “American idol”. Mariachi El Bronx touches on many facets of mariachi music, the most well know being norteno as well as jorocho, wasteka, bolero and corridos. It may seem strange for a band that blasts the audience into outer space every night to take this direction, but mariachi music is every bit as much of a soundtrack to southern California as punk. They are seamlessly intertwined.

The band will perform in a variety of different ways, sometimes incorporating mariachi into their punk set, sometimes 2 nights at a venue performing each band respectively, often times having one band open up for the other. Check your local listings.

We very much enjoyed making this album, and we hope that you receive the same enjoyment out of listening to it.

Mariachi El Bronx (the Bronx)

Matt Caughthran – Vox

Joby J. Ford – vihuela

Ken Horne – guitar

Brad Magers – trumpet

Vincent Hidalgo – guitarron

Vik – drums


Tibrones Bio:

“Tiburones” in a wild new musical project joining the sometimes unhinged vocals of “Y La Bamba’s” Luz Elena Mendoza with fiery intensity of Nick Delffs of “Shaky Hands” and Death Songs.

Luz and Nick began collaborating when “Y La Bamba” and “Death Songs” toured the west coast in 2012.

During that tour they discovered a mutual reverence that sung louder than words.

After Touring with The Lumineers in 2012 Mendoza finished  writing Y La Bamba’s EP “Oh February”

Inspired by the journey and the adventure Nick and Luz began to collect there songs with a raw approach

“The Thrill of creating new music overwhelmed us and gave us a path to celebrate life with others.” she said.

The Vibrant, Incessant beat of “Tiburones” is a intoxicating three piece with enchanting harmonies and syncapated percussion, electric guitar, bass, and keys.

Influenced by Neil Young, Patti Smith, Richard Brautigan and the pulse of the Velvet Underground.

“TIburones”  Frames the sound of folk with Beat heavy rythems and songs that split the sea.